Randa Kamel

Over the last few years, the name Randa Kamel has spread world-wide among the oriental dance community, and she has become one of the most notable stars! For many foreigners she is now the number one draw on the dance scene in Cairo! Her electrifying mix of dynamic moves, strong technique, dramatic preformances and sheer passion has audience after audience enthralled. Her personal style has begun to permeate the language of the dance itself, as more and more students attempt to infuse their own movement with her unique interpretation. This is no easy task, since behind Randa's performance lies not only a lifetime of training, but also a command over her own liberated sexuality beyond the dreams of most dancers. To be this powerful and magnetic on stage, you must first know how to release all that's blocking the flow in yourself.

Essence of Belly Dance welcomes this megastar to our event!

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