Natalie Nazario

Born in Puerto Rico, Natalie is described as bundle of beautiful energy tempered by technique and taste and dynamic performances. She moved to New York City in 2012 and soon afterwards started performing and teaching, and has forged her memorable brand as solo artist and as artistic director. Along with her most outstanding advanced students, Natalie founded ‘Raks Al Zahra’, an Oriental & Folkloric Dance Company based in New York City. Every year they present their show ‘Raks Al Zahra Gala’ to share their new work in a theater setting.

Natalie has been touring with Bellyqueen Company since 2015 performing in Asia, Europe and United States, including as a principal dancer in the theatrical dance show ‘Journey Along the Silk Road’, directed by Kaeshi Chai.

In honor of her late sister Dayna Nazario, she created the DAYNA PASS; a Scholarship Program designed to enrich education and artistic training for free in Puerto Rico.  She is also the organizer of “El Raqs Hayati”, an annual event in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

As of 2016 Natalie has been visiting Egypt to experience and learn intimately the culture and the modern life of Egyptian people including Egyptian Colloquial Arabic language studies so she can connect on a deeper level with her interpretation of the dance.

Some achievements in her dance career include:

-Winner of “Bellydance Evolution People’s Choice Award” 2014 (Australia)

-2nd Place at NYCairo Raks Festival 2014 “Professional Category” (USA)

-2nd Place at Kairo Khan 2015 “Sha’abi Category” (Egypt)

-Member of Munique Neith Ballet International 2017 (Spain)

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