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2020 Intensives at EoBD10

Intensive takes place at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance (AFBD) 1015 Collier Road NW Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30318 (SL1) as well as the host hotel (Zoe Jakes Intensive)



Suhaila Level 1 (SL1) with optional certification during Essence of Belly Dance weekend! Intensive takes place Wednesday and Thursday September 16-17 with optional testing leaving you plenty of time to participate in the incredible weekend of workshops and shows.

SL1 Schedule:

Check out the Full Weekend Schedule (COMING SOON)

The Salimpour Belly Dance certification program is one of the most distinguished and coveted Belly Dance programs in the world!!! Suhaila's certification program provides a well-rounded curriculum to train students to become complete belly dancers.  Dance certification by Suhaila provides students with formal recognition of their dedication to and hard-earned proficiency in Suhaila's challenging style.  Train to be the best dancer you can be! Register now! Learn more about SL1 and preparing for the intensive here

  • Why take a Salimpour Format Belly Dance Certification?
  • Train to be the best dancer you can be!
  • Demonstrate your commitment to preserving the highest level of quality in your art.
  • Empower yourself by reaching goals in a structured and creative environment.
  • Take a proactive step to move forward in your dance development.
  • Receive a sense of personal accomplishment and achievement.
  • Invest in your personal and/or professional development.
  • Learn body awareness and proper technique offered in a safe and structured format.
  • Progress in creativity and emotional development within a supportive, positive learning environment.
  • Build on knowledge gained in previous levels, as each subsequent level is part of a carefully crafted and consistent continuum of knowledge.
  • Learn choreography, improvisational and teaching skills.
For the Instructor & Professional
  • Establish professional credentials and enhance your teaching resume.
  • Receive intelligent material for class curriculum and learn how to develop curriculum.
  • Develop as an artist, gaining the tools to anticipate and respond to change.
  • Create a continual and lifetime path for learning new things and developing skills.
  • Provide greater earning potential; the tremendous demand for Suhaila Salimpour format instruction is worldwide.